Mustang Cross Country

Success Attained Through the Hallmark of Continuous Improvement


“Our sport is your sport’s punishment.”  This catchy little quip holds quite a lot of truth in consideration of the nature and objective of Cross Country running.  The intent is to simply run, run, run, and then run some more, with the supposedly simple quest of just getting faster and stronger, and increasing endurance along the way.  However, this quest quickly becomes a much broader challenge as the runner must overcome all the mental games (will power, self-doubt, just “not feeling it”), physical pain, and overall fatigue – AND the wide-ranging external factors (hills, creeks, mud, dust, heat, humidity, cold, wind, rain, sleet).


Led by XC Head Coach DANTE DORSEY, the Mustang Cross Country runners powered through the 2020 season with fierceness and determination, conquering these many obstacles and emerging as a much faster and stronger team by season’s end.  And while success can certainly by measured by number of medals earned and championships won, the fact remains that those awards are reserved for a very few (including a couple of this year’s Mustang runners).  Success is also measured by other tangible and intangible metrics.



David Matthews PR and Season's best 18:47.21
Carter Busby
PR and Season's best 18:48.68
Garrett Parvin PR and Season's best 19:05.75
Ben Hall Season's best 20:33.94 (5 Seconds shy of PR)
John William Diffey PR and Season's best 20:42.90
Jack Clem PR and Season's best 20:53.12
Daniel Johnson PR and Season's best 21:25.87
Alex Cioppi PR and Season's best 21:28.82
Matthew Cheek PR and Season's best 22:03.02
Hunter Morris PR and Season's best 22:39.64
Sam Hall (JV) PR and Season's best 15:46.10 (2 Mile)
Dylan Hosmer (JV) PR and Season's best 18:30.81 (2 Mile)
Julianne Hill Season's Best 20:33.90
Rachel Baker PR and Season's Best 25:56.35
Caley Busby Season's Best 26:45.34
Abbey Drummond PR and Season's Best 27:15.82
Avery Butler Season's Best 27:17.30
Kathleen Ogden PR and Season's Best 27:53.72