Track and Field is the most objective of any sport in which you can compete: you run faster, jump higher and longer, or throw farther than your competition to excel or you don’t. It is you versus those with and against whom you compete, or if you are already at the top, you versus the clock or measuring tape.
                                                                                    Home of the Champions
Madison Academy’s first 5A Championship was captured by the Varsity Boys Indoor Track and Field 4 X 200m Relay Team. Indoor Track and Field competes with 4A & 5A in one large classification, so this feat by our Indoor Track and Field team was accomplished in 2017, before the AHSAA implemented its latest rule which requires successful private school athletic programs to compete in much larger school classifications.
Although only in its 5th year of existence, MA Track and Field has four athletes competing at the collegiate level.
Will Oglesby, competing at the Division I collegiate level with University of Tennessee - Martin.
Tinsley Moore, competing at the Division III collegiate level with Birmingham Southern.
Evan Brooks, competing at the Division I collegiate level with Samford University.
Jaylen Nelson, competing at the Division II collegiate level with The University of Alabama in Huntsville.